AfterCare Instructions: 


Treat Your Tattoo like a fresh wound. 








Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.02.21 PM.png

1. Wash your own hands before ever touching or cleaning your new Tattoo. Carefully & gently wash your new Tattoo with Liquid Dial Soap.




2. Air Dry after washed or gently pat dry with a fresh paper towel. Do not Re-use. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing around area that will irritate it.  




3.With clean hands apply a thin layer of ointment: Aquaphor

(tube is recommended) Fragrance Free* Less is more.

Another option is: 



A+D ointment (tube is recommended)




Drink Healthy Fresh Juices


Eat Healthy Things


Get Plenty of Rest


Take Care of your Body