Tips are greatly appreciated but not required.

If your wondering how much you should tip? 

Ask yourself what kind of experience did you have at Nakapatchi?

Then, evaluate your experience on how happy you are working with me, our email correspondence + in-person consultations + schmoozing + the presentation + drawing + final custom design, decor, the hours spent with you (the client), the environment (my private studio/workspace), the conversation, the music, and the overall vibe at Nakapatchi.

Tattooing definitely falls under the service industry umbrella though it is very different from waiting tables.

I try to provide a positive + friendly service to my clients where they can feel safe, relaxed and free to joke around. I don't like feeling rushed so I take my time with my clients so they get the time they deserve and paid for. 

If your looking for more concrete numbers for tipping here is a basic percentage break down for reference:

25% for Excellent Service

20% for Great Service 

15% for Good Service

10% for Fair Service 

Tips are greatly appreciated but not required.